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The Power of Horses

On Track EAP 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy LLC


Greenfield, MN 55357


Why Horses?

Horses are very sensitive and intuitive beings that have been helping people for centuries. They don't judge and always live in the "here and now". As a result they are great teachers for staying present and "Zen". Horses also are masters at crystal clear communication and have great lessons to teach people.

Even though they're big, horses are still prey animals that are always on the look out for predators to eat them. As a result they have heightened senses of "fight or flight". For basic survival they are so sensitive to their environment they will actually "mirror" back what is going on around them. When people are nervous they will act nervous, when someone has trust issues they too will have issues with trust.

We rely heavily on this honest, sincere and unique response from horses. People can learn a lot about themselves, heal and "practice" different ways of handling stress, problems and issues in their presence. Horses will immediately change their responses based on how those around them are acting and feeling. 

We can trust that horses will always give us true feedback that is non-judgemental and experience-based at the same time. Much different than sitting in an office talking to a therapist. 


*Horses can help with:

First Responders





Self Esteem

Front Line Medical Staff



Law Enforcement




Identity Issues

Grief & Loss




And more....

*Please note that all sessions are on the ground. There is no riding involved.


About Me.

I've been

obsessed with

horses my entire life.

I have a Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, and became fully licensed with the state of Minnesota in 2004.

I combined my two 

passions by getting certified in equine assisted psychotherapy (eap)

and have worked with extraordinary horses and people. 

I have the incredible honor of working with 6 amazing rescued horses. 3 regular size and 3 minis. 💕

Ideal Client

Therapy works best with people that have a good attitude towards change. In fact, it can't work otherwise.

If you are open to seeing yourself in a new light or changing how you respond to things this can be a good option for you. Just being around horses can be very healing and empowering. 

Please schedule an intake session to discuss what you are looking for and if the horses can assist you. 🐴

Video Horse Rental

What is this you ask?


Do you have boring Zoom meetings, Happy Hours, birthday parties or get togethers? Well, let the horses at On Track EAP LLC help spice things up! You can "rent" one or more of them for an online virtual meeting or get together (10-15 min).


Stay tuned for more details!

Corporate Trainings & Coaching.

On Track EAP LLC will begin offering Corporate Trainings and Coaching in 2021.


It is FAR more fun and interesting to work with horses than sit in an office. In addition, horses are the perfect coaches for the many challenges in life.

Please watch for further information as it gets closer. :) 

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Contact information              Juli Teien M.A. LMFT

                                                                          (Cell)  952-210-7645


An intake session is required for new clients to ensure psychotherapy with the horses is a good fit. This can be done via teletherapy online. A session link will be provided to you once an appointment is scheduled.

*Friendly reminder that all sessions are on the ground. There is no riding involved.



1 hour intake session $200

1 hour session $150 

*Cash due at time of service.

Horse Whisperer